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Brand info

Stoneage is a part of Crescent Bahuman Ltd, one of the country's leading denim exporters boasting a clientele as versatile as Levi's®, Mustang, Bensherman and Xpress Ltd. In less than two years (the first branch opened its doors in March, 2006), Stoneage has become the leader in how denim trends are dictated in Lahore and Karachi (where we have four outlets) and we are further venturing into Islamabad, Multan, Sialkot and Faislabad. Stoneage is a one-of-its-kind brand as it has recruited the very best denim design talent in the country to lead the way in creating for the discerning masses, thus ensuring quality, exclusivity and accredited style.

Design philosophy

Stoneage is a brand identified by its progressive, cutting edge borderline funk that has been inspired by the growing need for an urban youth trend movement. We design with an edgy creativity while focusing on modern lines and sleek fits. Each and every item out of our denim/casual-wear collection has been designed and tailored with the confident sassy young men and women of today in mind, bringing out their inner freedom.


As a premier authority on denim-wear in Pakistan, Stoneage has become an indisputable ringleader on how trends and fads are done in the blue. With over four already operating outlets in Pakistan, two under construction and three more ready to set trends ablaze by the upcoming season, it's only a matter of time before the brand goes international. Stoneage will soon launch itself on a whole new level of foreign revival by branching out in bustling centers of all commercial and fashion related activities like Dubai, London and India within the next two years.

Mission statement

Whether inspired by punk rock, go-getting glam, funk or urban street culture, Stoneage aims to empower the young with a fashion statement to emancipate and liberate. Dressing up the cool and toning down the convention, Stoneage enhances a trend culture honed in on what the rebels of today crave: street smart threads on a whole new scale of attitude re-born.